On a Monday

I associate fireworks with one of four things:

A. The Fourth of July on a lake “Up North”
B. Canada Day on Rocky and Sae’s balcony
C. A few and far between homerun at Target Field
D. Jimmy Eat World and/or Sigur Ros (it is a tie)

The island of Suo Oshima can certainly now call this list home, bringing in a bit of internationalism, and plenty more emotionalism into the Top 5.

So, congratulations, Suo Oshima, you have been permanently etched in to my memory, and I will never, ever forget the epic fireworks display you put on during that warm Monday night in August of 2010.

And unless YouTube goes bankrupt or one of its servers is destroyed, I can watch your relentless grand finale over and over and over again.

Suo Oshima, you are unparalleled. Please never change.

2 thoughts on “On a Monday

  1. Awesome video and photo Kyle. I am wondering if you already found good cafe or restaurant. Maybe too much to choose 🙂

    Glad to know about where you are

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