In a couple weeks, I will begin to introduce myself to about 15 X 30 students at the three Junior High Schools in Kudamatsu. The entire class period (roughly 50 minutes) will be all me, fumbling through a list of my hobbies, trying to explain how I am from both Canada and the United States, and praying to God that the students are at least processing some of it – not lost in thought daydreaming of the girl across the hall or that afternoon’s club activity. I’d be lost in thought for sure, so no worries there. I probably should be nervous, but for some reason the nerves are not quite there. I am more so excited to get the teaching going and to meet all the kids.

Over the past few days on the 5th floor of Kudamatsu City Hall, I have been working on those above posters to help introduce myself to young kids. When creating these posters, I kept thinking to myself, “Seriously, this is my job?!? I am drawing a giant Snoopy and getting paid for this!?! And I am listening to Postal Service remixes at the same time!?! And people are genuinely interested in what my life use to entail!?! Suuuuuuuugoiiii!!!!”

It has just been really refreshing to do something a little more creative for work than what I have been used to over the past few years. And not that these posters are all that creative – it’s just that I sort of feel like a kid again when creating stuff like this.

Feeling like a kid is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Uhhhhh…hi…my…name…is…Kyle…

  1. Hey Kyle. Happy birthday ! It is in canada time 🙂
    I am glad people are getting interested in you. Because you can show many things and they are more willing to accept things you will show happily 😉

    Life is beautiful


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