Hostel Review: Guest House Kaine


Fukuoka, Hakata, Japan


Guest House Kaine is exactly what a good guest house should be: intimate, inexpensive, and indispensable. It is situated two brief subway stops away (Nakasukawabata) from Hakata Station – Fukuoka’s main terminal – in what one could easily get away with calling a “precisely quaint, immaculately clean” Fukuoka neighborhood.

The treasure map from the station to the hostel is extremely easy to follow, taking about two to three average length pop songs on foot. You enter the guest house through a familiar Japanese noodle shop (right, you have to go through a noodle shop to get to the guest house! Question everything, don’t question anything.), and are immediately greeted by friendly personnel ready to help sort out your evening.

The warm tones of the place are immediately noticeable as you creep around its tight corners, slipping your shoes off to enter narrow hallways and an oh-so cozy common room. The personnel show you all the basics: toilet, shower (all soaps provided, but bring a towel), internet terminal, and your tatami spot, which is up a tapered, ladder-like staircase. Again, the intimate glow to this place is its charm. Explore diligently.


Hakata style outdoor ramen shops in the neighborhood → Delicious ramen and perhaps a chance to chat with the locals.

Kirin, a table, and some origami → Guest house staff will teach you origami as you drink ¥500 giant bottles of Kirin. You could be doing worse things with your life.

Ask the staff if this sounds incredibly boring to you → There is no shortage of entertainment options in the area.


¥2600 for a night. Worth every yennie.

To Book:

Kaine Guest House

Picture it:

2 thoughts on “Hostel Review: Guest House Kaine

  1. I asked out the girl in the first and second picture. She totally denied me! Well, no worries. I agree–it was an ideal guesthouse. Super intimate!!!!

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