How a city became a fox

A not long past festival in Kudamatsu City – one where foxes roamed the streets, children beat on drums, and laughter filled the air – dashed another eraser mark on the word “foreign” from my vocabulary.

We became a fox, parading the streets of Kudamatsu.

Nihonshu danced its way onto the pavement.

The committed onlookers dotted the street side as we rolled on by, twisting the homemade, smartly designed framework at intervals randomly determined – the nihonshu perhaps commanding the hike.

Cameras flashed at a million frames per second, capturing the moment in 1600X1200 images soon to be scrolled through, edited, posted, deleted.

Chants echoed as if a campaign of peace and harmony was about to emerge throughout the city streets.

Our disguises came off and the city once again discovered its everyday wardrobe, but this time it was different.

From afar, everything can seem foreign.

From within, nothing is.

靴ねまつり in photos:

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