Hostel Review: 長崎かがみや (Nagasaki Kagamiya)


Nagasaki City, Nagasaki, Japan


Kagamiya guesthouse, located just minutes from Hotarujaya Station (Nagasaki Tram Line) in an old school Nagasaki neighborhood, is run by the well-travelled Ms. Yukari Nadeshiko and her husband.

The guesthouse is relatively small, which enables an intimate atmosphere not often found at other accommodations that attract your budget-conscious backpacker. It houses a couple private rooms, a mixed dorm, and a Victorian-feeling common room, complete with Wi-Fi, hot tea, and all the information one could ever possibly need on Nagasaki.

Ms. Nadeshiko is as neighborly as they come, offering up recommendations for sightseeing, local delicacies, and nightlife in and around Nagasaki.

Not surprisingly, this guesthouse is immaculately clean and the common washroom and shower will make you feel right at home. It actually does feel like your staying at someone’s house, or exactly that: a guesthouse. The owners live just across the way and are there in the morning to get your day started on the right foot.

This place cannot be beat for the price. The only small hiccough is that the directions from the tram station are a bit ambiguous, making it a bit difficult to navigate to, especially after dark. Trust your judgment, and worst-case scenario, the owners will meet you by the main road should you happen to saunter off into some mysterious hillside graveyard. Not that we did that or anything.


Mount Inasa at night → Beautiful panoramic view of Nagasaki (Ropeway Station).
長崎のちゃんぽん → Deliciousness found all over Nagasaki.
Glover Gardens → Soaring views from the European side of Nagasaki.
¥500 tram pass → easily worthwhile if you ride the tram more than 4 times per day, which is very, very easy to accomplish.

Price: ¥2,500 – ¥3,000

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