Hostel Review: Bonsai Guesthouse

Bonsai Guesthouse, located just steps from Osaka’s Loop Line (桃谷駅-Momodani Station – by far the easiest treasure map I have had the pleasure of navigating) is where you will want to set up shop if you ever find yourself travelling in Osaka on your own dime. As with any guesthouse, the price is right, but there is just oh-so much more that this place conveniently provides.

We arrived at (大阪駅) Osaka Station around five in the morning (thank you Willer Express night bus service!), and after an extended breakfast at the Embassy (read: McDonald’s – never have hotcakes tasted so good), it was time to see if we could drop off our bags and sort a shower. The Bonsai staff, who all speak English and willingly entertain your broken Japanese, were extremely accommodating, allowing us to shower, tap into their Wi-Fi, and store our backpacks until check-in. This is a huge service, especially after spending the night on the road.

And the surplus of features does not stop there.

Everything is cleverly thought out in every part of the guesthouse. From clearly marking the wireless password on the front desk to separating the toilets, sinks, and showers (three of each!) to an invitingly mingle-friendly common room (complete with side kitchen), this place is all about the details. As one might expect, you can find an assortment of pamphlets and maps with things to do in and around Osaka. And bonus: the staff are pleased to recommend things to do in the area and give you directions to perhaps otherwise hard-to-find, far-off destinations.

The rooms are also clean and cozy, decked out with the latest IKEA domestications, and even a wall-mounted desk should you so happen to be inclined to set up a mobile office.

Bonsai Guesthouse is extremely clean, fashionable, comfortable, friendly, warm, cozy and memorable. Thai food awaits you next door and in the morning there is a Mister Donut or two with your name on it.

Seven cheers for Bonsai!

P.S. Check the roof: there really is a Bonsai farm up there!

Price: ¥2,500 – ¥3,200

To Book: Bonsai Guesthouse

Photos make things better:

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Photo Credit: Tiffany Yoshida

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