We Hanami’d!

Saturday, April the Ninth was such a beautiful day.

Families, friends, and friends of families convene for an afternoon-turned-evening of cherry blossom viewing near Iwakuni’s infamous Kintai-kyo Bridge. The setting familiar to that of a fairytale, or that of an epic opening scene to an Oscar-triumphed film. The natural beauty never further than a quick glance to the left or to the right, an all-out alluring panorama, comparable to the top of Lake Louise’s highest summit on a February afternoon. Even the cameras are excited about all the beauty.

People come and people go, sharing in a beverage, a bite of a nabe, a story or two of recent and future travel, grad-school plans, Japanese study, and a smattering of introductions. An intense calm washes throughout the grounds, courtesy of the new petals that considerately hang from the previously winter-worn, naked trees. The sakura petals fall as gently from the trees as that of the previous season’s first snowfall, bringing with them the promise of life, warmth, and that everlasting sense of revival.

Spring has arrived in Japan. And there is no better way to welcome the new season.

A photo gallery can be viewed here.

Brandon’s take on Hanami here.

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