The Japanese Language Proficiency Test




この試験会場は西城大学です。下松駅から西城駅まで電車で2時半ぐらいかかります。友達といっしょに電車で行きます。そして、 試験は難しそうなので、試験の前、友達といっしょにたくさん勉強をしたいです。


In English:

Hello Everyone!

On July 3, I have plans to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. To tell you the truth, I am a little nervous, however, I have become accustomed to studying Japanese every day.

The test will take place at Saijyo University. From Kudamatsu Station, it is about 2.5 hours by train. I will travel there by train with some friends. The test seems difficult, so before the test I want to study a lot with my friends.

Last month, I bought a practice test textbook at a bookstore in Osaka. The name of the textbook is Japanese Challenge. It is a grammar and reading practice textbook, and I find it very convenient. Inside the textbook there are lots of pictures. Sometimes, grammar and reading practice can get a little boring, but I will do my best!

More information about the JLPT can be found here.

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