Dear Yakushima, I am in Love

A four-hour ferry ride from the southern-most coast of Japan’s Kyushu Island lies a shamanistic little rock known as Yakushima. People from all over God’s creation come here to revel in all the natural wonderment the circular island has to offer. From the rock-happy beaches to the crystal-clear sea, to the fairytale forests to the magnetic mountains, to the outdoor onsen to the eight-person cafes, this chunk of land is truly an anomaly, and in the best sense of the term.

The rain falls in droves on Yakushima, but rather than a nuisance, it is part of the island’s allure, bringing together that sixth sense of nature. The rainfall is as vital to the persona of Yakushima as the moss-filled forests, or the packs of Yaku-monkeys that stare back at you with a common interest as you careen the sharp mountain roads.

It is rare a place can have so many facets working together to create an environment so exclusive and spectral, yet at the same time, so familiar and receptive. One trip around the island’s modest circumference and you will be intrigued. One peek at these photos, and you just might visit sooner than you think.

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