We Were and Still Are Dying Midwestern

Dying Midwestern was a band from around the turn of the millennium to something like 2004 – we’ll call it a four-year run. We recorded some songs, played a lot of shows both locally and nationally, and had us one heckuva time in the process.

The band existed pre-social-media-era-internet (save MySpace – RIP, right?), and therefore never really was able to post much media – specifically videos – online. We rarely recorded our shows back in those days, likely because no one could afford a quality recording device, or we were just simply too lazy, or maybe it was because the idea of this YouTube thing did not even yet exist!? Wow, we are old. Whatever the reason, if you were to YouTube “Dying Midwestern” now, the only results will be the Elliott song (thanks again for the name, Elliott!), or a trailer about “the world of midwestern drug trade.” Yikes!

Well, all that is about to change! We recently played our second-ever reunion show at the fine and slightly swanky Cause Spirits and Sound Bar in every 30-somethings dream neighborhood of Uptown, Minneapolis, Minnesota. And thanks to the lovely recording talents of Tiffany Yoshida, you can view the entire show below. A big thank you to everyone who came out and watched us do our thing! And a special super thank you Tiff for recording the entire thing!

See you in a few years.


Dying Midwestern

Videos below Japanese translation.




この間、ミネソタのミネアポリスでダイングミドウェスタンは二つ目の同窓会のコンサートを演奏しました。そのコンサート場所と言うのは “Cause Spirits and Sound Bar”です。吉田ティファニーは全部のコンサートビデオをできました。凄く上手ビデオになって、良かった!ありがとうございます!皆も、見に行ってくれてありがとうございます!



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