Fishing for Fish or 萩のシーフードマーケットは何処だろう


こないだ、新鮮な海鮮を食べるために、日帰りで萩へ行ってきました 。萩シーフードマーケットでいっぱい海鮮を見つけました。よかった!萩へ行く途中の車の中ではいろいろな日本音楽を聞いたり、最近の思い出について話したり、新しい無料道路を走ったりました。








When you hear “Hagi” what comes to mind? For me, after this past weekend, when I hear “Hagi”, I will imagine a delicious bowl of raw fish.

I recently traveled to Hagi with a couple of friends in search of some fresh seafood, and thanks to the Hagi Seafood Market, we found a ton of it. On the way to Hagi, we chatted and listened to a mix of Japanese songs, and at one point, while listening to an Ozaki Yutaka song, I thought about just how beautiful Yamaguchi Prefecture is. The tall mountains and blue sea truly are magical here.

At the Hagi 7/11 we received a map of the city, followed it, and made our way to the Seafood Market, where we ate a super fresh and incredibly delicious seafood bowl. This seafood bowl is like a big bowl of sushi, including salmon, salmon eggs, squid, octopus, and seaweed. Before you dive into the bowl of deliciousness, you put a little wasabi in a bowl of soy sauce, stir it up, and then pour it on your fish, making it even more delicious.

After lunch, we drove up to the top of Kasa Mountain, where we were able to see a lot of neighboring islands. A long time ago, Kasa Mountain, which is a volcano, erupted and formed many islands around what is now Hagi. The view is spectacular. There is an observatory at the top, which has detailed explanations of the eruptions and island formations, but because it was all in Japanese, I could only do my best to try and understand it.

On the way home, we stopped at a coffee shop for some coffee and tea. We nerded out on computer talk for a while, and then hopped back in the car and headed home.

I wonder where the next day trip will be to?

One thought on “Fishing for Fish or 萩のシーフードマーケットは何処だろう

  1. Your blog is amazing and a real testament to your dedication to learn all the Japanese you can. How have you only been studying Japanese for 1.5 years?!?!

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