A Golden Study Opportunity or 学校へ戻りましょう


For this year’s Golden Week holidays, I have plans to study Japanese at Wahaha Japanese Language School in Fukuoka, Japan. I will be there for five days and will have two hours of private lessons in the morning followed by a three-hour group lesson in the afternoon. Wahaha seems like a good school. My friend Erez went there last Golden Week, and said it was well worth the price of admission. For the private lessons, I want to prepare for Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Some of the grammar on the test is a bit confusing, so am hoping for a detailed explanation and useful examples. Wahaha is a bit far from my apartment, so I will stay in the school’s dorms for five nights. I am looking forward to this opportunity and will give it my all. If I have time during my schooling, I will update here with some photos and stories.


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