満喫のゴルフ旅行 or Aioi is Beautiful Country, Folks
















Golf truly is a fun sport – the green grass, the beautiful views, the friendship, and how every hole presents a new chance makes it a great game. I recently met a couple friends in Hyogo Prefecture for a round of golf at Aioi Country Club. It was everyone’s first time to take on this lovely course.

My friend Yasu lives in Shinjuku, Tokyo and my other friend Masaki lives in a town near Osaka. It was my first time meeting Masaki. I had met Yasu about two years ago in Edmonton when he came to visit our mutual friend Masa. At that time, we went to a baseball game (The Edmonton Capitals) and then for a couple beers. Yasu and Masa went to the same university in Tokyo, and have remained friends ever since. Yasu and Masaki have been friends since their Junior High School days in Akihabara. They are both super nice people.

At about 8:30 in the morning before the round, we warmed up a bit at the practice facilities, talked about our recent golf experiences and golf techniques, and then headed into the clubhouse for a pre-match coffee. I think at that time everyone was a little nervous for the round to start. I am always naturally a bit nervous prior to the first tee-shot.

Aioi Country is a wonderful course. Every hole is interesting and fun. And on top of that, there is a lot of water throughout the course, the fairways and greens are impeccable, and every hole challenges you in a new way.

During the round, everyone played their best, laughing off our “duff” shots and cheering each other on during the birdie and par chances.

As always, in what seemed like an instant, we were standing on the 18th hole thinking of our final tee shot for the day.

“It is the last shot, so let’s hit driver, eh!”, I said.

Masaki and my tee shots went a bit left (actually mine ended up in the next fairway), and Yasu rifled a drive a good 300-plus yards smack down the center of the fairway.

“Amazing! That was definitely today’s best shot!”, Masaki exclaimed, as we went searching for our wayward tee-shots.

We all eventually reached the green safely, putted in our final shots and the round came to a close.

After the round, Yasu mentioned how Aioi Country was much more difficult than he imagined, but definitely a fun and most interesting course

I couldn’t agree with him more.

Yasu and Masaki, thank you for the amazing round of golf. It was an absolute blast! I cannot wait until the next one.

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