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Before I lived in Japan, I did not know a whole lot about “things”(which is quite a vague word) related to this country. During my two years here, I have been able to become accustomed to many “things” related to Japan, and in this entry, I’ll try and explain a few of them.

Doraemon: Doraemon is a robot cat cartoon character from the future. We share the same birthday. Everyone from elementary school-aged children to the older generation loves Doraemon. He is quite a poplar cartoon character here in Japan. I have developed an interest for Doraemon during my time in Japan, and have purchased around 5 of his comic books. There are always new Doraemon books and movies coming out, and I think you would be quite interested in it if you gave it a shot.

Umeboshi: Umeboshi is an intensely sour pickled plum. Usually, you can find umeboshi resting atop of your rice in a Japanese-style lunchbox. It is also commonly found inside rice balls. Or, you can just eat it is as. I have come to love this sour delight.

Can Coffee: Can coffee is sold everywhere in Japan. You can find it at the convenience store, the super market – nearly everywhere. When it becomes summer, cold can coffee becomes popular, and during winter, the hot version is widely consumed. There are many different flavours of can coffee, and about three times a year new products are released. I find this coffee to be suitable in a pinch, and in the winter it can prove to be a very nice hand warmer.

The Head of Beer: In the West, head on beer is not very popular. If you were to receive a draft beer with a ridiculous amount of head back West, you would likely complain to the barkeep. However, in Japan, it seems that most people love the foam resting atop their beer. I, too, now enjoy this foamy treat, but sometimes find myself longing for a Western style draft.

Safety: Japan, especially in the countryside, is amazingly safe. I go running at the track here in Kudamatsu four times a week, and leave my scooter keys in the ignition and my wallet in my basket as I circle the track. I never really think twice about someone taking my things here while I am running.

Japan, stay positive!


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