合格 or I……….Passed!




封筒を開けて、いきなり「合格 Passed」と読んでしまった。








I received the test results for Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test from the Kudamatsu Board of Education today. I was quite nervous as I opened the envelope.

“Open it! Open it! Quick, open it! I want to know the results!,” my wife said.

“Ok, let’s see what it says,” I replied, looking at the envelope.

So, I opened it and the first thing I read was “Passed.”

My wife and I immediately embraced.

I really could not believe the results!

I honestly imagined the results to have been “Not Passed.” It was last December I first took this exam, and I failed it quite miserably. However, after that exam, I studied as hard as I possibly could each day to be able to pass it during round two, and no matter how difficult it got, I never gave up on myself.

I believe the next challenge will be Level 2. The next level looks like quite the jump, however if I just keep practicing and studying, I believe I can do it.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for believing in me and offering me lots of support as I continue my Japanese studies.

Let’s “kanpai” soon!

山口新聞によると or A Newspaper Article from Yamaguchi

下の記事は8月2日2012年の山口新聞に載りました。The following newspaper article originally appeared in the Yamaguchi Newspaper on August 2, 2012.








Kyle Undem, ALT, appointed the honour of cultural ambassador in Hawaii

Kyle Undem (31, Canada), a Junior High School Assistant Language Teacher in Kudamatsu City has been appointed with the duty and honour of cultural ambassador for the city of Kudamatsu for a three-year term.

Undem has worked for the City of Kudamatsu since August of 2010 and today, August 1, is his official departure from office.

Hereafter, he will move to Hawaii and be married to his fiancé, who resides on the island of Oahu.

On this day at Kudamatsu City Hall, Undem participated in a swearing-in ceremony where Mayor Igawa presented him with a written request of ambassadorial duties.

“It is my wish for you to present to the people of Hawaii that Kudamatsu is a city of laughter, flowers, and children’s stories. If you have a chance, please visit Kudamatsu again,” the Mayor requested.

Undem said, “Kudamatsu is an extremely easy city to live in, and is filled with nothing but good people. I want to tell people in Hawaii just how amazing this place has been to me.”

The outcome of this international exchange falls upon the initiative of the person appointed to this role.

Undem met in front of 12 people representing the city of Kudamatsu. During his three-year term as cultural ambassador for Kudamatsu, Kyle plans to distribute pamphlets about Kudamatsu at his new workplace and to various people throughout his new home. He will also continue to exchange the cultures of Japan and the West.